GAWE - Game Development

We provide a complete and partial game development lifecycle either for digital or board games. Through the standard process of analysis, conceptualize, design, development, testing and delivery we guarantee you get the excellent result.
We can help you to translate and/or customize the content of the game to fit more to the audiences for a better experience. From language (English, Indonesia, Java, Japan, and Mandarin) to game content (i.e., weapon, monster, narration, etc). 

SINAU - Fun Learning

The courses for the creatives/ game developer wannabe to improve their skill for industry requirements. From the basic to advance level, the topics we cover:  
  • Game Design: General Game Design, Level-up Game Design, Pitch & Propose to publisher
  • Programming: General Game Programming, Making simple & intermediate games, Implementing an algorithm & API
  • Art: General Art in Games, Simple vector arts, Simple 2D animation, 3D animation, Narration, Storyboarding
  • Music: General music in games, Music for specific game levels
Services to help people learn through the fun ways. We can teach your audience to achieve to the learning goal by playing a game, which is a more preferred way to learn a new thing. Why gamification learning? Effective, efficient, measurable it is. 
Based on the research, game is one of the most effective medium to trigger the learner’s will to understand something deeper, By giving the learners an easy and fun opening to study. This applicable for student of academics and organization team. 
Improve your team and employee ability to learn with the gamification. Research shows that the performance index of employees can be effectively improve through game playing. In the end of the day your business will be grown up even more by the gamification training. This service is targeted for Division Director or Manager to optimize the employees’ ability.
Many companies are spreading their publication by investing in the creative products such as movies, books, and one of the best, games. The exposure produced from the marketing in the game is extraordinarily huge. 
Leveraging your business and keeping your customer is a superman task, but retaining is even harder. We can also help you to design a well-balanced gamification and interactive system to manage all your customers. This service is highly for corporate marketing directors to market their product or service.

MACA - Game Research

Gather and analyze the audiences’ data so that you can have a better understanding of your audience. We can cover qualitative, quantitative, generative, evaluative, attitudinal, and behavioral data by playing a game. We can use Artificial Intelligence to help you to understand the target audiences. The services we offer: Data Gathering, Data Classification, and Forecasting. 
We have experience to develop and implement technique of Artificial Intelligence and game engine adds-on to help the technical team improving the development progress in the terms of cost and time efficiency. The services we offer: Game Engine Extension, Artificial Intelligence Design & Implementation.