Zombie Space Card Game

Zombie Space is a card game themed with a funny story of zombies who want to escape from the hatred of humankind.

You play as a zombie who tries to survive and stay inside a rocket that is flying to the moon. By using various action cards, you need to defend yourself and force your enemy to leave the rocket because the rocket is over-weighted, somehow.

This party game can be played for 2-6 players; any ages older than 10 y.o., and take 25 minutes to play.

This game is currently a limited, hand-crafted version, not yet mass-produced, and had been played by some designers from Taiwan and French too. However, this game had won an award for the best board game in IN.GAME award, in Indonesia.

You can learn how to play the game by following this tutorial video made by RWHShadow.

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You can directly order the current version here: BUY HERE